Micropigmentation - “Permanent Makeup”

EYEBROWS!! Arch is everything!
Expression mood and age are conveyed by the shape of your brows.  Eyebrows that are too light, too thin, sparse, or non-existent, can be beautifully enhanced and improved with Micropigmentation.  Enhancement of eyebrows is important because they frame your eyes and enhance the expression on your face.

LIPS say it all!
No more smudged lipstick with permanent cosmetics! Lip color is perfect for asymmetrical shaped lips, thick lips, thin lips, or lips with uneven vermilion borders.  I will also eliminate the problem of lipstick “bleeding” into the fine lines around the mouth.  Now you have a color lift and finished look all day...every day!!

The Easiest EYELINER!
Wake up every morning with a dash of color and definition to your eyes.  Eyeliner enhances and defines the beauty of the eyes.  It makes lashes appear thicker when not wearing mascara.  Feel Terrific!

Camouflage is another helpful application of Micropigmentation.  Color is added to the skin to soften and blend the color of a scar to match the surrounding tissue.  This technique is also useful to correct loss of skin pigmentation, to minimize facelift scars, and to recreate nipple and areola areas after breast reconstruction surgery.  In these instances, the pigments are custom blended to harmonize with the surrounding skin.

Men and women who suffer from visual impairments, allergies to traditional makeup, alopecia, unsteady hands du to Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, etc., and loss of brow hair due to  chemotherapy, will greatly benefit from Permanent Makeup.  If you are an athlete or sports enthusiast, permanent cosmetic tattooing gives you the freedom of “perspiration and waterproof” makeup that you do not need to keep re-applying.  If you want to save time getting ready and want makeup that won’t run, smear, or look tired later in the day, then contact Beautiful Transformations.

Permanent cosmetics will enhance and compliment your unique features, boost your self-confidence, and alleviate allergic reactions to conventional cosmetics. No matter your age, Permanent Makeup can enhance what Mother Nature gave you and Father Time has taken away!!

Permanent cosmetics involves applying permanent pigment under the skin with a needle, and is basically the same process used in traditional artistic tattooing. I am very fortunate to have been born with the gift of artistic talent and an eye to detail. Your face is my canvas! I pay close attention to the smallest of detail, ensuring your satisfaction and always looking for ways to improve my talent.

Permanent Makeup may sound like the height of vanity to some, but it has many applications. Those with poor eyesight, contact lenses, or unsteady hands can save hours of frustration, and know they always look their best. The handicapped, those with allergies to cosmetics, and people who have disfiguring scars due to injuries or surgery benefit as well.

I am focused in assisting women to reach their highest potential of inner and outer beauty.  My goal with all my clients is for them to establish a strong foundation of self, know their truth and have a healthy self image and identity.

Merge the two aspects of inner and outer beauty and combine them to create an amazing TRANSFORMATION!! This integration creates a fulfilled, healthy, whole self, manifesting true BEAUTY!